(Chris Richards)

I… I’m packin’ up my things again
Something’s in the wind again
Another chapter ends
Here I am, sifting through memories
The moments we tried to freeze
All the places we’ve been    
Now, I’ve got to get home again
But I wanted you to know, my friend
This isn’t the end  

I… I’ll see you where we used to go
I’ll see you at the Sherlock Holmes
A full table of friends
I… I’ll see you at the Friendly Bar
We’ll empty out the pickle jar      
I’ll see you again

I… I’ve gotten good at letting go
This one’s gonna get me, though
There’s no way to pretend
And these, all these places live in my mind
I’ll be doing all I can to find
My way back to you

I… I’ll see you where we used to go
I’ll see you at the Broken Spoke                
We’ll give it a spin            
I… I’ll see you at the Sugar Shack                 
You and me and Ronnie Mack             
I’ll see you again

Time, it kinda got away from me
There’s some folks I gotta see
Some bridges to mend

So if for some reason I’m late to show
I want you to always know       
I’ll be waiting ahead
I’ll be waiting

I… I’ll see you in the desert sky
Just above the horizon line
Wherever it ends
And I… I’ll be carrying a love so deep
This promise I will always keep
I’ll see you again

I’ll see you
I’ll see you again

©2013 Chris Richards / White Mare Music (BMI)